“So Much Sky” by Karen Weir-Jimerson

In her delicious new collection of essays, So Much Sky, author Karen Weir-Jimerson offers up bite-sized gems that view modern life through a rural lens.  Many of these pieces were originally published in the author’s popular “Slow Lane” column for Country Home magazine. Time does indeed seem to slow as Weir-Jimerson lures us into a charming world of chirping crickets, rogue tornados, and country characters both animal and human.

The essays are arranged by season. In spring we meet Rose, a Border collie puppy who gives the lie to the difficulty of herding cats. In summer, a neighbor’s bull invades the garden sparking a new take on poet Frost’s advice about the importance of fences. In autumn, crime takes center stage and a sister is corrupted, as the author leads a dawn raid on a local cemetery’s overabundant hydrangea blossoms.  In winter we can smell the cookies baking as winter’s “roulette wheel” spins out an Iowa snow day of car-sized drifts and old movies by the fire.